about the journal

Log Workouts

One page per workout, designed to follow the Bodyweight Fitness Recommended Routine

Track Progress

The journal includes 6 months' worth of exercise logging, goal setting and body composition measurement logs, and instructions for following the routine

Stay Motivated

Measuring progress has been proven to aid with motivation and goal attainment!

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Bodyweight Fitness

Using your own bodyweight is an extremely efficient way to train, and requires very little equipment


Exercises are grouped into 6 categories - squats, pull-ups, dips, hinge, rows and push-ups, working the entire body

Body Measurements

Use the journal to track changes in your body composition, which is more helpful than tracking weight alone

Track Achievements

Record when you managed to perform sets and reps of a more demanding exercise, promoting motivation by gamifying exercise

Set Goals

The journal has a space to track, and review, weekly training targets, aiding goal attainment and encouraging progressive overload

Recommended Routine

The only journal on the market specifically for tracking bodyweight workouts, based on the reddit /r/bodyweightfitness recommended routine

Why use a journal?

Journals are great!

Using a journal to track and log your workouts has many benefits! It has been proven to help with motivation and consistency. It’s a great way to track your progress to see how far you’ve come, and to help continue to push yourself each workout by having a record of what you did previously... the list goes on. Using pen and paper has far fewer distractions than using your phone to track progress, helping focus!

This journal is designed to follow the Bodyweight Fitness Recommended Routine from Reddit - an excellent strength training routine utilising your own bodyweight, with only a few items of equipment necessary. We have journals with both male & female cover and anatomical images.

We currently sell printed and bound journals, and digital versions to print yourself. We ship worldwide, and offer free shipping within the UK. We've sold journals to bodyweight fitness lovers in over 30 countries! Shipping outside of the UK can take 7 business days.

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